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区别是: in some extent指的是“从某种程度上来讲”。 例如: 1、In some extent, it is correct that we are the puppets of God. 从某种程度而言,我们是上帝的傀儡这句话是对的。 2、This result indicated that, reading anxiety obstructed ...

in some extent“从某种程度上来讲”例如:You like this colour,and in some extent it reflects what kind of person you are. to some extent“在一定程度上”例如:What colour do you like to some extent reflects what kind of person you are.

to some exent 是从某种程度上讲 相当于一个副词 而 in some extent 只是一定范畴类 限定词

in some degree 英 [in sʌm diˈɡri:] 美 [ɪn sʌm dɪˈɡri] 多多少少 多少;有几分地;在某程度上;从某种程度上 to some degree英 [tu: sʌm diˈɡri:] 美 [tu sʌm dɪˈɡri] 有点,稍微; ...


两种表达方法都是可以的,意思相同,解释为“在某种意义上” 像to some extent和to a extent 也都是可以的。

in a way和to some degree的区别主要是:in a way本意是:在某一方面;在某种程度上通常要用to some degree。 1、in a way 在某一方面;有点 She was afraid in a way that was quite new to her. 她感到从未有过的害怕。 In a way, I suppose I...

词根tent 是帐篷的意思,而且tend 是趋向的意思。extent 是程度的意思, to some extent 从某种程度来说, 而且extend 则是延伸,拓展的意思, The rain season extends from May to October.

extent to 后面加动词,extent for加名词

What kind of expression to the maximum extent ? 追问 on extent 还是 at extent 追答 通常用to some extent在某种程度上 或者in some extent在一定程度上 ...

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